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RemoveIT Pro - SE 16.0

RemoveIT Pro - SE is a virus scanner that can scan and remove viruses
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This is a small program just like McAfee Stinger. This is not an antivirus software that can prevent the virus from getting in, it is a program to scan for viruses that have already infected a computer and to remove them. It has a small virus database that is updated at the time the program setup is created. We can scan our computer for viruses it knows. Scanning is done using the traits that each virus leaves in the computer like certain registry entries, files with particular names in windows and system32 folder.

The program has a simple interface. The process takes a lot of time, which is OK for a program scanning for viruses. There is an option to update the database. Always do it before scanning, because a lot of viruses are being created daily. The Process Manager and Service Manager of the program can be used to manually check the running programs. Most of the time when the computer is infected by viruses, we cannot use the task manager or management console. These features may thus be useful. We may also control the startup programs. We may submit suspected files to the developer website, so that they can test it and add to the virus database. Оn the whole, this can be a basic diagnostic tool for checking a computer infected with viruses.

I couldn’t find any options to select the folder to scan. So I had to copy a virus directly into the system32 folder in order to test the program. The virus database contains a lot of common viruses, but is not enough for protecting a computer. You must have an antivirus software installed and running with daily updates..

Generally, you need not install more than one anti virus program in the computer as it will slow it down. Don’t worry; this program doesn’t cause any problem.

15$ is for the half year license on Pro Enterprise edition. You may also try the ultra version with a little more options in the program. Newer versions include updated database, improvements in scanning and interface.

Zack Martin
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  • Small Application
  • Doesn't cause incompatibility problems with other anti viruses
  • Easy install and uninstall


  • Cannot detect viruses automatically without clicking 'Scan'
  • Anti Virus definition is not good
  • Cannot customize scanning areas (folders, etc.)
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